Student Member Application

Please complete this application only if you are an undergraduate or graduate student at Roger Williams University.
  • Academic Information

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  • Personal Information

  • International or Intercultural Experience

  • Please indicate semester, year, institution, title or content, department and course number and grade.
  • Please list places, dates and description.
  • For example: clubs, organizations, volunteer community work, tutoring, hosting international students.
  • Student Essay

    Please choose ONE of the following topics and upload a 500-1000 word essay:
    • What are your interest in international, global and intercultural studies and how do they contribute to Phi Beta Delta?
    • Discuss a transformative experience in your life or education that has inspired you to join Phi Beta Delta. What made it transformative?
    • What does it mean to be a global citizenship in the 21st century?
  • You may either submit your essay here or you can upload a file using the link below.
  • (Word .doc, PDF, or RTF)